Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke’s Circus Tent Church Was Damaged by a Tornado December 12, 2021

Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke’s Circus Tent Church Was Damaged by a Tornado

The tornado that hit several states Friday night also did damage to the circus tent Global Vision Bible Church run by Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke. It damaged the screens, the stage, the equipment, and more — to the tune, he says, of about $100,000.

It’s not exactly surprising that a guy who refused to take precautions against a deadly virus also left his tent completely vulnerable to a natural disaster. Yet after spending months trashing medical workers, banning face masks inside the tent, and screaming at the congregation to “not get vaccinated,” Locke wants sympathy after suffering a consequence that was outside his control.

I would be much more inclined to give it to him if he didn’t constantly use his platform to hurt other people and put his own church members in harm’s way. There’s an argument to be made that the tornado saved lives by preventing Locke from preaching more COVID lies.

Not that Locke’s going to pass up an opportunity to look like a martyr. Last night, he posted about how he will definitely be preaching this morning.

… Teams of people have literally been working since 4:00AM this morning to prepare for service tomorrow. YES, WE ARE HAVING CHURCH. I’m convinced God is going to move mightily. Everyone get there and support your church during this strange and difficult transition. We will not let a destroyed tent stop what the Lord is doing.

It’s amazing how the tornado itself had nothing to do with God, in Locke’s eyes, but the aftermath is totally in God’s control. (You just know if that same tornado knocked down a mosque, Locke would call that a sign of God’s wrath.)

At least no one got hurt. It’s too bad more people will suffer because Locke’s going to continue preaching.

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