“Praying Medic” Claims Prayers Have “Healed” a Caller Coping with a Miscarriage December 7, 2021

“Praying Medic” Claims Prayers Have “Healed” a Caller Coping with a Miscarriage

Dave Hayes, a Christian activist known as the “Praying Medic” and one of the more vocal QAnon supporters, is typically known for making bonkers conspiratorial claims… but on Saturday, he hosted an online Q&A session offering advice to anyone who wanted it.

One man called in asking Hayes how to heal because he and his wife had recently suffered a miscarriage. That would be devastating for anyone, and you don’t need specialized training to know that counseling or a support group could go a long way to helping them move forward.

Hayes didn’t do that. Instead, he had the caller repeat some basic prayers… then insisted the problem was solved.

CALLER: Over the past three years, I’ve had three major difficulties happen in my life. The most recent is my wife and I miscarried our first baby.

HAYES: I got a feeling like you’re dealing with some emotional wounds from that miscarriage.


HAYES: When you think about the miscarriage… you’re expecting this, you’re gonna have this kid, and then, boom, you get this news that, you know, there’s a miscarriage, what emotion do you feel when you think of that?

CALLER: It’s devastating. It’s just devastating.

HAYES: So… can you just roll with me here and repeat after me?


HAYES: Jesus.

CALLER: Jesus.

HAYES: I ask you to take the feeling of devastation away from me…

HAYES: Alright, when you go back and think about this — the miscarriage — the expectation, the anticipation, you’re gonna have a child — and then to get the bad news that there’s a miscarriage — what emotion do you feel right now?

CALLER: … It’s more just sadness

HAYES: Okay. So. Repeat after me. Jesus, I ask you to take the feeling of sadness away from me…

HAYES: … What emotion do you feel now?

CALLER: I… I don’t know. I don’t feel an emotion, like a negative one.

HAYES: Okay. You’re healed.

Nothing says “healed” like a man who’s too numbed by depression to be openly sad.

This is what counts as spiritual healing by a man whose entire persona involves challenging everyone who knows what they’re talking about. The caller went ahead and played along with Hayes, but it’s not like Hayes is ever going to follow up with him. Hayes thinks Christianity contains magic words that will always heal you if you’re a devout believer. If you’re not healed, it’s only ever because you did something wrong.

Let’s hope that man gets the sincere help he needs to move on. He’s not getting it from Hayes.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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