MAGA Preacher Spreads Lie That “Many Preachers” Signed the Declaration November 24, 2021

MAGA Preacher Spreads Lie That “Many Preachers” Signed the Declaration

Nebraska preacher and false prophet Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries has routinely lied about the most recent election, so it shouldn’t surprise us that he’s also spreading lies about the origins of our country either.

Kunneman said in a recent sermon that separation of church and state was fictional (it’s not) and that several ministers signed the Declaration of Independence (they did not).

God is anointing those that are standing up with an incredible boldness and an authority. And yet we still have immature Christians who, you say something bold or something that touches on politics, and they don’t think… Well, that shouldn’t be mentioned in the church.

And my question is, then, where do you really think that you’re gonna hear the truth about the culture or about what’s happening in your government? You think you’re gonna hear it from the news? You haven’t heard it from the news.

So let’s grow up and realize that there was never a separation between church and state. That is not what our Founding Fathers intended. In fact, the signing of the Declaration was many preachers that caused themselves to come together and get involved in politics.

He’s lying because he’s a Christian preacher who knows the congregation will never challenge him.

The principle of church/state separation is such a core part of our Constitution that books and legal documents all point in the same direction — that is, away from Kunneman.

As for the Declaration, as Right Wing Watch notes, only one signer was a minister. Most were lawyers or merchants.

Kunneman doesn’t know history, but that doesn’t stop him from pretending to be an expert and misinforming the people who trust him. They won’t ask questions. And virtually no other preachers have the guts to call out one of their colleagues on a lie that Christian Nationalists adore.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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