End Times Preacher: A Reptile Alien Imitating My Husband Tried to Sleep with Me November 23, 2021

End Times Preacher: A Reptile Alien Imitating My Husband Tried to Sleep with Me

Look, I’m sure there’s context to this that makes it make a little more sense… but until someone watches the entire episode of yesterday’s The Jim Bakker Show and figures out what that is, all you’re getting is this two-minute clip of End Times preacher Sharon Gilbert explaining how an alien imitating her husband tried to have sex with her… until she used Jesus to make that alien reveal that he was actually a reptile.

(I’m gonna need someone to explain Christianity to me after this, because I’m not familiar with any of this in either Testament…)

After Derek and I got married… one night, this other Derek appears in our bed. The real Derek is lying down next to me. Other Derek sits right up out of it. It startled me. I knew that was not Derek. And so I asked this critter, “Who are you?” Because he clearly wanted to have sexual relations.

And he said, “Come on, I’m your husband.” I said, “Who are you?” And he had the nerve to claim to be Ahasuerus — Xerxes.

Well, Other Derek seriously wanted to invite me to use my free will to do something that was going to pull me away from God.

So this last time, I knew he was really desperate. And I asked him again, “Who are you?” He told me the same answer, and I said, “I am not going with you.” This was an internal dialogue. Finally, I said, “I’ve had enough” — in my mind. I reached up. I grabbed his face, and I said, “You are a liar. And Jesus is real.”

And I pulled that face off. And beneath it was a reptile.

And he had little creatures with him this time. He brought these little halfling creatures, and they looked like, I don’t know, gargoyles. They were very reptilian as well. So beneath that the face of Derek was a reptilian serpentine creature, probably similar to what was visiting the Anasazi

I added a couple of links in there to help make it make sense… but it still makes absolutely no sense. And yet if you watch Derek Gilbert in the clip, you’ll see a man just nodding along like this is the most factual anecdote ever shared. Interesting to know, however, that aliens are very scared of Jesus. (Who knew?!)

In case you’re wondering, no, no one on that panel asked any relevant follow-up questions. They just bought her entire insane story.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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