GOP Lawmaker Falsely Claims the Democratic Party “Fails to Recognize” Her God November 15, 2021

GOP Lawmaker Falsely Claims the Democratic Party “Fails to Recognize” Her God

On Thursday, during an interview with the Christian show FlashPoint, part of Kenneth Copeland‘s ministry, Republican lawmaker and conspiracy theorist Lauren Boebert claimed that a major problem with government is that Democrats don’t recognize the Christian God.

So Christians, above all else, need to get involved. I’m tired of these politicians who view government as God. Government is not God. Government is instituted to protect — to secure — your God-given rights… They are there to secure your God-given rights. They are not God. And there is a higher, more majestic, being that is above government, and that’s something that the Democrat [sic] Party fails to recognize.

She’s making all of that up because Christianity taught her that lying in the name of Jesus is always acceptable, and conservative Christians are too cowardly to point that out.

So here are some facts: In the current Congress, roughly 78% of Democrats are some flavor of Christian. Another 12% are Jewish, 6% don’t publicly list any faith label, a few others belong to other religions, and only two are openly unaffiliated with organized religion. In short, virtually every Democrat Boebert works with believes in God — specifically, the one she believes in.

This idea that Democrats are non-religious is just plain false. Boebert doesn’t care, though, because her goal is really to imply that Democrats are immoral traitors. The people who listen to her unironically — and the media hacks who parrot her claims uncritically — are the only ones dumb enough to fall for it.

More importantly, Boebert isn’t saying all this out of a sense of patriotism. She’s a Christian Nationalist who wants to use the government to force her conservative Christian beliefs upon everybody. She’s not interested in small government or privacy or any number of other Republican lies. She wants the government to interfere with women’s medical decisions. She wants Christian privilege to override civil rights and social justice. She doesn’t want to help the poor, or working parents, or invest in the future, because she believes that churches should handle all of that… or Jesus will come to rapture away all the True Believers before long. Whatever the case, none of her beliefs have any place in politics. At least they wouldn’t in a more sane society.

Naturally, the host of that show, Gene Bailey, didn’t push back on anything she said because that’s not how propaganda works.

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