Christian “Doctor”: God Uses Angels Armed with Sulfates to “Bring Us Healing” November 11, 2021

Christian “Doctor”: God Uses Angels Armed with Sulfates to “Bring Us Healing”

The last time I wrote about “Dr.” Candice Smithyman (who has a Ph.D. from the unaccredited Jacksonville Theological Seminary), she was explaining how the “demonic” COVID-19 came after her in a dream, but she was protected because she ate a communion “cracker” before falling asleep.

More than 750,000 American COVID deaths later — I guess no one had a protective cracker by their side — Smithyman was on televangelist Jim Bakker‘s show yesterday to talk about angels and sulfates.

Somehow, this makes even less sense than her makeshift COVID solution.

There are different colored angels that perform different functions. And let me tell you why, okay?… Around the Lord’s throne, because his throne is a throne of purification, there is also sulfates around his throne, okay? Now, sulfates in the the Earth realm burn at different colors, okay?

For instance, if you look at a candle, right? What’s the hottest point of the candle? It’s the blue point.

Well, each color represent[s] a different sulfate that is being burned, okay?

Well, when you start out with a candle that is blue flame, which is the hottest, then it will go to yellow, orange, and red, okay? Each one of those are different elements of sulfate.

When our body is weak, it is because there are areas in our body that are not purified, or we’ve picked up impurities — infections, diseases, and impurities, okay?

So the Lord will send us angels from his throne with the very sulfates that we need in order to purify our bodies and bring us healing.

Now, we know that when we’re sick, we’ll go to the doctor, right? And we will order specific antibiotics — the doctor will put in antibiotic orders for various sulfates that we’re to consume. Those sulfates are straight from the Earth realms, right? But manufactured. And we put them in our body to bring us the healing that we need.

Well, there’s angels that will actually bring those based on various ailments that we have in our body.

So God sends angels with different kinds of sulfates in order to heal us… even though that’s not how healing or medicine works. And even though there’s no proof of the angels existing, much less existing in different colors.

Still, this is all presented as fact. It’s delivered by a “doctor” to a gullible panel onstage and no one dares to question anything she’s saying.

No wonder so many people who share Bakker’s views are unvaccinated. When they’re not falling for his COVID scams, they’re being mislead by “experts” who argue God can cure them of whatever is troubling their bodies. If you just have enough faith — and give enough money to the right grifters — anything is possible… as long as you ask no questions ever.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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