Pastor Bob Enyart, Who Mocked AIDS Victims and Spread COVID Lies, Now Has COVID September 5, 2021

Pastor Bob Enyart, Who Mocked AIDS Victims and Spread COVID Lies, Now Has COVID

Bob Enyart, a conservative Christian radio host and pastor of Denver Bible Church, has COVID.

It’s awful when anyone catches the virus, but let’s go through a list of reasons Enyart’s current condition isn’t generating much sympathy from the broader public.

This is a guy who used to mock AIDS victims on his TV show by reading their obituaries while plays Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” in the background.

This is a guy who filed a lawsuit against Colorado’s COVID restrictions, only to have a Trump-appointed judge grant a temporary restraining order that allowed indoor churches to open to the masses without having to wear masks. How many people caught the virus because of that irresponsible lawsuit?

This is a guy who had “sworn off” taking any of the available vaccines because “they tested these three products on the cells of aborted babies.” (That’s not accurate.)

This is a guy who urged people to boycott Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to “put pressure on the child killers.”

There’s a long list of other horrible beliefs he’s held over the years, but you get the idea. This is someone whose most recent career choices put more people at risk of dying of COVID — and now he may meet that same fate. Better him than his victims. He had every opportunity to take precautions and get vaccinated, but he idolized a right-wing conspiracy machine and his ignorance finally caught up to him.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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