Creationist Kent Hovind Arrested on Charge of Domestic Violence August 5, 2021

Creationist Kent Hovind Arrested on Charge of Domestic Violence

I mentioned the other day that Creationist Kent Hovind had been accused of body-slamming his ex-girlfriend (and spiritual-only third wife). We knew that because Cindi Lincoln had filed for an order of protection against Hovind in an Alabama county court in which she laid out the details of what happened. It didn’t help that Hovind recorded the incident, presumably thinking it would make him look good. (It did not. That recording is extremely disturbing to hear.)

Well, longtime Hovind watchdog and former IRS appeals officer Robert Baty has now gotten his hands on court documents that show Hovind was arrested on Friday, charged with domestic violence in the third degree. The affidavit, dated July 19, says Hovind injured Lincoln by “throwing her to the ground.”

Hovind apparently paid a $1,000 bond and was back at Dinosaur Adventure Land to record new livestreams.

Even the local newspaper covered the case:

Hovind showed no repentance during his livestream yesterday, talking about the importance of the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Though, knowing Hovind, a guilty verdict would inevitably be followed by an indictment of the justice system and how they’re totally persecuting good Christians.

Why does all this matter? As I’ve said before, Hovind has clout among Creationists and spends part of each day dissecting Bible verses on his YouTube channel while trying to brainwash people at his Dinosaur Adventure Land. He wants you to think that Christianity and purity and goodness and scientific integrity are all linked together. Yet here’s a very real allegation of bad behavior that should be brought up whenever his name pops up — especially if a judge decides Lincoln needs protection from Hovind because he represents a genuine threat to her life.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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