WI GOP Candidate for Governor: We Need “Good Christian Patriots to Take Over” July 22, 2021

WI GOP Candidate for Governor: We Need “Good Christian Patriots to Take Over”

Jonathan Wichmann is a Republican running for governor of Wisconsin, and when you’re trying to claim an office recently held by Scott Walker, it’s clear that the only way to win the GOP primary is by showing your base that you’re extreme, ignorant, and Christian, in no particular order.

Wichmann managed to do it all in a speech he gave at a recent “Faith and Freedom Rally” in the state, explaining how Christians should take over the entire government.

After saying, falsely, that Donald Trump was still president, Wichmann explained why his Christianity drove his campaign. He then argued that if anyone demands proof that you’ve been vaccinated, you should shoot them. (Like a good Christian?)

“Looking at the political scene, I knew we were in trouble,” he continued. “There are no truth tellers anymore in this country at the political level. We need to change that. We need good Christian patriots to take over and run for office, and that’s what I intend to do.

“If something goes against your conscience; if you know because God told you — we’re all created by God in his image, and God gave us certain rights that no man can trample on — if you know in your heart that something is wrong, that [what] someone is telling you to do is wrong, do not comply,” Wichmann said, “It doesn’t matter if there’s a law on the table or not. Do not go along with that. That’s your responsibility. If everyone does that, it all ends today. And if they try to press their luck, we have the Second Amendment.”

It’s telling that Congress is nearly 90% Christian already, but this idiot thinks that’s not enough AND that they’re all apparently liars.

It’s also no surprise that Wichmann has no problem reconciling his believe that Christianity and morality are synonymous… and his belief that Jesus wants you to murder doctors and scientists for trying to save your life. That’s what white evangelical Christianity has become for many people, and pastors are too cowardly to tell their congregations how ignorant they are.

If a Muslim candidate said anything half as batshit crazy as this guy, there would be nonstop fury from the Right. But Wichmann speaks in Christianese so this kind of extreme rhetoric only serves to boost his standing among Republicans.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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