Christian Hate-Preacher: Pride Month Has “Always Been About These Pedophiles” June 13, 2021

Christian Hate-Preacher: Pride Month Has “Always Been About These Pedophiles”

It’s Pride Month and the people at Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee are celebrating by spreading lies about LGBTQ people. Pastor Greg Locke, fresh off a CNN segment in which he was accused of perpetuating COVID lies that led to the death of a church member, told the audience that having “pride in sin” is an abomination.

… I know what the Bible teaches. And what the Bible teaches is that pride is an abomination. Pride in sin is a double abomination. So now we’ve decided that we would nationalistically and around the world take an entire month to celebrate something that God clearly says in His Bible grieves Him. “Because, after all, love is love.” Not according to the Bible! Love ain’t always love! Sometimes love is lust! Sometimes love is rebellion. Sometimes love is a disconnection and disobedience from the word of God. Real love doesn’t rejoice in evil! It rejoices in the truth…

So I try to be kind in the way that I say that, but we have raised an entire generation of people that say “What you need to do is stay out of people’s bedrooms.” Hey, what they need to do is stay out our public schools, and stay off of Disney, and stay off of Nickelodeon, and stay off a Kellogg’s box, right?

We knew a long time ago when we gave same-sex marriage an unlawful benediction… we knew back then it wasn’t just gonna stop! But didn’t they say that? “… If you would just give us same-sex marriage, we would leave you alone.”

[Let me tell] you something. And I love the truth enough to say what’s about to come out of my mouth… It has always been about the children! It has always been about the children, it wasn’t about same-sex marriage! It’s always been about these pedophiles!

He answered his own question and doesn’t even realize it.

Why go LGBTQ activists still fight? Why march? Why are we honoring Pride?

Because a lot of people still promote lies about LGBTQ people. They still link them to pedophiles like Locke does. They still oppose marriage equality under the law. They still can’t handle the mere existence of openly gay people. Locke doesn’t even want gay people in public schools — or for them to appear on children’s TV shows.

When church leaders are spreading hate like that to a receptive audience of Christians, it requires pushback from decent people.

You know what love is? It’s doing everything you can to protect your congregation in the midst of a global pandemic — not pretending like it’s not real, ignoring reasonable precautions, and demanding that your church meet in person and without masks no matter how many people suffer because you need that validation to feed your massive ego. Not that Locke cares. He’ll take every opportunity to lash out against gay people while ignoring the giant plank in his own eye.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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