Evangelist Robin Bullock: If You Mock Me, God Will Lead You to “Insanity” May 25, 2021

Evangelist Robin Bullock: If You Mock Me, God Will Lead You to “Insanity”

Televangelist Robin Bullock, who said last November that the COVID crisis could be blamed on people who voted for Hillary Clinton and that all gay people were actually just straight people inhabited by Satan, now says that anyone who mocks him will be divinely punished.


“There’s prophets of great magnitude speaking everywhere right now, but yet they attack them,” Bullock griped. “The groups that represent abominations before the Lord, the LGBTQ — whatever they call themselves, plus whatever they add — attacking prophets. You’re ripping the mantles of prophets, and you’ve determined your time of falling.”

“However you treat the mouth of God, it determines your future,” he continued. “It’s a dangerous thing to tear the garment of a prophet. That’s a dangerous thing to mock the mouthpiece of God. It’s very dangerous to do such a thing as that. Very dangerous. Once that happens, it leads to one thing: It leads to insanity.

Nothing screams maturity like a grown man deflecting criticism by needlessly insulting another group that has nothing to do with his failed prophecies.

Honestly, it takes a lot of gall to keep on calling yourself the “mouthpiece of God” when all of your prophetic predictions have failed to come true. Bullock, of course, still clings to the Big Lie that Joe Biden isn’t the legitimate president. He also fails to understand that doubling down on his lies instead of humbly admitting he was wrong would be the best way for people to stop mocking him.

As for his predictions about being led into insanity, it’s not much of a threat considering who’s delivering it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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