Can Anyone Explain This Pandemic-Fueled Christian Propaganda Film to Me? March 29, 2021

Can Anyone Explain This Pandemic-Fueled Christian Propaganda Film to Me?

I can’t believe none of you brought this to my attention until now.

Get ready for the worst Christian movie of 2021.

It goes by the grammatically challenged title “2025 — The World enslaved by a Virus” and the premise is that COVID has ravaged the planet, leading to a “single world government” (Communism) that banned Christianity. Now a group of Christians in Germany are creating “an underground revolution” to regain their freedom.

Given that the vaccine is already making its way through the population, the premise is archaic from the get-go, but it’s telling that even in the distant future of… four years from now… Christians have lost all their power and must fight for their lives. As if the whole faith could be toppled within a few years.

You don’t need to waste money on the film. Just enjoy the over-the-top trailer, full of crappy sound quality and even worse acting.

My favorite thing may be the visible black duct tape over the word “POLICE” in the first few seconds which suggests the producers borrowed a uniform from someone but needed to cover up the city’s name so they wouldn’t get in trouble.

Or maybe it’s the random stock footage of different cities with no relation to the story.

Or maybe it’s the Word documents containing very little information.

Or maybe it’s the absence of any kind of plot.

Or maybe it’s the lack of explanation for why the Christians need weapons.

Or maybe it’s how some characters refuse to wear masks even though the virus has clearly taken over the world.

Or maybe it’s the reviews on Amazon that say “I honestly think I could’ve done better with the filmography using my Galaxy 10” and “looked like it was filmed with someone’s camera on their phone by a middle schooler.”

In that sense, the movie is useful. It’ll make you feel a lot better about having done nothing during the pandemic. Shakespeare may have written “King Lear” during a plague, but at least you didn’t waste your time and money making this kind of religious propaganda.

The only real shock is that a Christian movie this awful wasn’t released by Pure Flix.

(Thanks to Jim for the link)

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