Racist Christian Sucker-Puncher Eric Metaxas: “Don’t Get the Vaccine” March 29, 2021

Racist Christian Sucker-Puncher Eric Metaxas: “Don’t Get the Vaccine”

Eric Metaxas, the racist Christian MAGA cultist sucker-puncher who has been described as emblematic of the “losing of the evangelical mind,” is now telling people to avoid getting the COVID vaccine.

Why? Because he’s just a horrible human being who uses his Christianity as a shield to deflect criticism.

Last year, by the way, Metaxas hosted COVID conspiracy theorists on his show in order to amplify their anti-vaxxer views. This isn’t a new thing for him; he’s always been proudly ignorant and yet too many evangelicals still treat him with respect he doesn’t deserve.

It’s amazing that a man who wrote a biography of a German theologian who opposed the Nazis is now spending his life urging people to avoid a life-saving shot for no other reason than it’s the price of admission, apparently, to be a prominent MAGA cultist.

Metaxas has a habit of saying multiple crazy things at once in order to flood the zone with shit, but this one in particular is especially harmful given the white evangelical reluctance to get the vaccine.

For once, let’s hope those evangelicals listen to people who know what they’re talking about instead of people like Metaxas who don’t give a shit about whether they live or die.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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