Conservative Christians Can’t Handle Rapper Lil Nas X’s New “Satan Shoes” March 28, 2021

Conservative Christians Can’t Handle Rapper Lil Nas X’s New “Satan Shoes”

Remember the “Jesus Shoes” that went viral in 2019?

Costing $3,000 a pair, the customized Nike Air Max 97s came with a steel crucifix, were made of 100% frankincense wool, included 60cc of “holy water” from the River Jordan tucked under the sole, and were inscribed with Matthew 14:25, the verse where Jesus supposedly walks on water.

It was a stunt released by the Brooklyn-based product design company MSCHF. That company just puts out a lot of random meant-to-go-viral content each month; the fact that these shoes happened to have a religious theme wasn’t the point. It was just amusing.

Now they’re doing something similar.

MSCHF recently teamed up with rapper Lil Nas X (who sang “Old Town Road”) to release “Satan Shoes” — same Nike products, modified for everyone’s amusement with a “drop of human blood,” pentagrams, and a reference to a Bible verse (Luke 10:18) that says “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

666 individually numbered pairs will be sold for $1,018 each.

It’s all just good harmless fun.

So, naturally, conservative Christians can’t handle it.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, arguably the worst governor in the nation when it comes to handling COVID, is very concerned about these shoes.

Lil Nas X couldn’t believe this is what she’s focused on:

He’s also going off on anyone else blowing a fuse about harmless footwear:

(Montero is the rapper actual first name.)

Even Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke used his Sunday sermon to trash “Lil Nash X” (whoever that is):

… I’ll never be able to listen to [the song “Old Town Road”] again, bunch of devil-worshipping wicked nonsense, pentagram-wearing on your tennis shoe, 666. You think I’m gonna stand for that? You’ve lost yo’ mind… Bunch of Satanism. Bunch of wickedness. Bunch of devilism. Bunch of demonism. Bunch of psychotic wickedness.

Lil Nas X had a response for him, too:

Locke is too dumb to realize that Nike has nothing to do with this… but he still wished death upon the company:

Meanwhile, the Church of Satan just wants in on the action:

The shoes are available for sale on Monday, beginning at 11:00am EST.

Rumor has it that if you wear a Jesus Shoe on one foot and a Satan Shoe on the other, then they cancel each other out and it’s like you’re walking barefoot.

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