These Creationists Learned a Weird Lesson from Sloths January 29, 2021

These Creationists Learned a Weird Lesson from Sloths

Answers in Genesis has a series of videos promoting their version of a Sunday School curriculum where their staff tries to teach kids biblical lessons.

For the most part, there’s nothing all that unusual here. The videos spend a couple of minutes describing something we’re all familiar with, before shifting to the moral lesson we can take from it. A video about why scary spiders can actually help us out, for example, becomes a lesson about God can sometimes use bad things for good reasons.

But sometimes things get awkward.

Check out this: In a video posted yesterday, the main speaker speaks to Ark Encounter’s zoo manager (seriously, they have one) about sloths… and then things take a weird turn around the 3:24 mark:

… We were talking beforehand, yes, the sloth — this one is fast for a sloth, but he’s still slow. Why? Because sloths, by definition, are slow. That’s how they are made to operate. And it shouldn’t surprise us they move slowly. And in today’s lessons, we see something that should not surprise us as well: That is, Christians are persecuted. Sloths move slow while Christians are persecuted. That kind of happens because of who we are. Jesus even warned the disciples that, you know what? “Just as I’ve been persecuted, you will be persecuted as well.”

There’s nothing these people won’t compare to their own fictional persecution…

They could’ve gone with, “Sloths are slow, just like Jesus coming back.” Or “Sloths are slow, just like it’ll take time for people to accept Creationism.” Instead, they said “Sloths are slow… God made them that way… Just like God made Christians to be unpopular and that has nothing to do with our views. Everyone else is just a hater. QED.”

If you have to stretch that much to make a connection that weak, maybe just start over and try again.

(Thanks to Dan for the link)

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