Eric Metaxas: Companies That Won’t Sell MyPillow Products Are Like Nazi Germany January 29, 2021

Eric Metaxas: Companies That Won’t Sell MyPillow Products Are Like Nazi Germany

Eric Metaxas, the racist Christian MAGA cultist sucker-puncher guy, remains one of the most visible Trump supporters on the evangelical right.

This clip shows you why. Metaxas was talking about how Twitter suspended the account of the MyPillow insurrectionist Mike Lindell and how companies will no longer sell his products.

This, to Republicans, is the equivalent of silencing them. (You can hear all about their silencing on any of their numerous appearances on right-wing media outlets.)

Metaxas — perhaps best known (before his Trump fawning) for a book he wrote about anti-Nazi dissident Dietrich Bonhoeffer — compares Lindell’s suspension from a private website to Nazi Germany and the Civil Rights movement.

If you want to know what it was like in Germany, look at the idea that a wonderful human being, Mike Lindell, has been pursuing what he thinks is the truth in a free nation. Because of this, Kohl’s department store, Mayfair [sic], Bed Bath and Beyond, and H-E-B — four huge stores — said we are not going to carry his product.

Now, the difference between Germany and today, if you want to say never again, what will we do that they didn’t do? What won’t we do that they did?

Here’s one thing we can do today, that they didn’t do in Nazi Germany. Those of us who see what has happened need to make sure we never ever darken the door of a Kohl’s, an H-E-B, a Bed Bath and Beyond, or a Mayfair [sic] until they change their policies. We need to — think of what the Blacks in America did — the boycott in Montgomery cost them everything! They walked to work, they did all that… But they said, “We’ve got to hold the line. We cannot be treated this way. We have to sacrifice.”

Now, imagine, all I am saying is, sacrifice by not shopping at those stores.

Yes, the real concern with Nazi Germany was that a shitty pillow salesman couldn’t spew his pro-tyranny propaganda on the airwaves. And the reason Black people marched was so that an opponent of democracy could sell products in retail stores.

Metaxas and Lindell are on the side of the anti-democracy, White Christian Nationalist crowd whether they acknowledge it or not — and they mistakenly think they’re the heroes. More importantly, their freedom of speech hasn’t been violated. If they’ve lost opportunities, it’s because they’re facing consequences for their idiotic actions.

The same people who flip out over Starbucks cups not being Jesus-y enough now decry the idea of a boycott. They decry “cancel culture” while working to toss out 81 million votes. They’re Christian hypocrites who can’t handle facing repercussions for anything they do.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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