Jeffress: The COVID Vaccines Scientists Made Are a “Christmas Present from God” December 25, 2020

Jeffress: The COVID Vaccines Scientists Made Are a “Christmas Present from God”

Leave it to a right-wing pastor to give God credit for a vaccine developed by scientists, tested through the scientific process, and delivered by medical professionals — all during a process in which a Christian president surrounded by Christian advisors managed to screw up damn near everything along the way, leading to hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths (so far).

Pastor Robert Jeffress, who said three months ago that COVID was mere “background noise” to installing another right-wing justice on the Supreme Court since he believed that was more important, made the comments this morning on FOX News:

… for the past 10 months, millions of Americans have been praying to God asking for relief from this pandemic, and I believe God has answered that prayer through these vaccines. I’m calling these vaccines an early Christmas present from God, and it shouldn’t surprise us that God would use science to bring healing into our world.

I mean, after all, in the past, people like Isaac Newton and Blaise Pascal and Louis Pasteur were all not just men of science, but men of faith, who believed God created this world in an orderly way that could be studied and benefited from…

It’s telling that the scientists he mentions all died a long time ago. That’s because most of the people who made the vaccine a reality are presumably non-religious.

Jeffress also failed to mention that Newton and Pascal died long before Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution, while Pasteur’s understanding of evolution would’ve been minimal at best. They believed in God because viable alternatives weren’t apparent. Now they are.

Jeffress also failed to mention how the pandemic was either created or permitted by the same God, according to his own beliefs.

Thank the doctors and nurses and scientists and everyone else who helped develop and deliver the vaccine. No need to waste your time on the supernatural or those whose own negligence of the pandemic helped exacerbate the crisis. Jeffress himself hosted a super-spreader event and irresponsibly urged churches to re-open.

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