Robert Jeffress: Thanks to Supreme Court Chaos, COVID Is “Background Noise” September 23, 2020

Robert Jeffress: Thanks to Supreme Court Chaos, COVID Is “Background Noise”

The main reason Donald Trump‘s grip on the Republican Party is so strong is because the one promise he’s kept is nominated a steady stream of right-wing ideologues to federal courts. That list could soon include a third Supreme Court member. Even among evangelical Christians who haven’t completely drowned themselves in the Kool-Aid and insist they never liked the man, many are still inclined to vote for him solely for the purpose of stacking the courts in favor of their religious beliefs.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, one of the presidents primary defenders on FOX News, summarized the importance of the latest Supreme Court opening by making the highly insensitive claim that the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes the coronavirus and other news revelations about Trump’s lies seem like “background noise“:

200,000 dead Americans are just “background noise” for this preacher. The fight for civil rights, the public health concerns for people across the country, and the utter desecration of political norms by the GOP are irrelevant to people like Jeffress. They want power, pure and simple.

These people have shown us who they are time and time again. Believe them when they revel in that awfulness. We have the power to stop them within a few weeks. Please don’t sit out this election. The last day of voting is November 3. Fill in your ballot before then.

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