Christian Pastor Gets Kicked Out of Disney World for Refusing to Wear Mask September 19, 2020

Christian Pastor Gets Kicked Out of Disney World for Refusing to Wear Mask

Roy Fields is the founder, with his wife, of Run with Fire Ministries in Lakeland, Florida. The pastor is also the sort of idiot who goes to Walt Disney World while refusing to wear a mask — in defiance of the park’s rules — only to cry PERSECUTION after he’s kicked out.

He posted video of the incident on Facebook, saying it took place on “Burn Your Mask Day.”

Fields apparently wore a mask when he entered the park but took it off, he claimed, due to asthma. The rules are clear, though. If you can’t wear a mask, you can’t go to Disney World. No one has the right to infect other people with a virus.

A much better video was posted online by writer Pete Carney, who happened to be in the park the same day. In this video, you can see Fields screaming at the cops.

Fields joins a long line of Christian leaders who believes risking people’s lives is the best way to spread the gospel. They belong to a selfish death cult where any kind of sensible government restriction is seen as oppression. No one in his life seems to have the courage to tell him to put his ego in check.

That’s what happens when you lose all ability to think critically.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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