Christian Mom to School Board: 6-Feet and Masks Are “Pagan Rituals” of Satanists August 13, 2020

Christian Mom to School Board: 6-Feet and Masks Are “Pagan Rituals” of Satanists

The Elmbrook School District in Wisconsin plans to open up school, five days a week, for in-person learning. It’s a horrible decision by the school board and one that I fear will come back to hurt them, just as it’s hurt other schools which have had to shut down immediately after the virus began spreading. (In Elmbrook, parents will also have the option of all-virtual learning for their kids.)

Even though students who attend school will be required to wear masks — which doesn’t negate the inevitable lack of social distancing — it’s truly disturbing what parents said to persuade the board to make the worst possible decision.

Like this insane Christian parent at the 53:53 mark:

“Six-foot distance and wearing masks are pagan rituals of satanic worshipers,” said parent Heidi Anderson. “My kids are Christian they are not subject to wearing masks.”

Health and safety are apparently of the devil…

That comment above was actually paraphrased in news reports. Her actual comment was even crazier. (She actually said the bulk of it after her public comment time was up, but because she’s Christian, she seemed to think the rules didn’t apply to her.)

Six-foot distance and masks are pagan rituals of satanic worshipers. Absorb that in. 6 feet. Where does 6 feet come from, people? Why is not 3? Why is it not 5? Why is it not 10? Why is it not 30? Why is it 6?… I’m almost done. We’ve been very patient listening to all of you, so I’d like to finish. I’ll finish quickly. Thank you.

We are Christians. Our children do not practice Satanic worship. We don’t have them stand six feet apart from each other with facial coverings. Facts and data have been suggested here with no logic. These masks are not proven to stop the virus… I would like to finish!

You’re relying on the advice of doctors who are under the control of large medical organizations which benefit financially from the continuation of this emergency, as well as the edict of government officials with significant monetary investment in this pandemic…

… I have relatives who have fought and died and paid the ultimate price to ensure that their children and grandchildren and generations to come could live in a free, representative republican that guaranteed life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. These draconian measures for a disease that has very low morbidity, which is much less likely to happen to our kids than them getting in a car accident and dying, or their grandparents falling in a nursing home, is draconian Socialist tactics and overreach… You are elected to serve us…

… This is one country, one nation under God, and we look to God for these answers when we can’t figure it out, and I would suggest that you all do that. There’s a wonderful prayer that He taught us to pray. It’s called the Lord’s Prayer, and you can find it in your Bible.

160,000 people have died. Older people — including teachers and administrators — have been more susceptible to it. So low morbidity isn’t a useful metric here.

Why six feet apart? Because that’s the scientifically proven distance that doctors say helps “prevent the spread of infectious respiratory diseases between themselves and their patients in a health care setting.”

Why the Lord’s Prayer? Who knows. It’s a school board meeting, not a church.

What’s really troubling is the insinuation that this woman goes to a church where there’s no distancing, and no masks, and no one telling them to change their ways. How many people in this family are asymptomatic carriers? How many people have to die because of her idiotic beliefs and the school board’s negligence?

We’ll unfortunately find out soon enough.

(Thanks to Mark for the link)

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