Christian Author Claims He Has the “First-Ever Recording of the Voice of Satan” July 28, 2020

Christian Author Claims He Has the “First-Ever Recording of the Voice of Satan”

I almost hate to give this person publicity when I know he’s just looking for it… but when a new book about the devil includes the “first-ever recording of the voice of Satan,” I can’t resist.

Author Roderick Millington is a “journalist” who claims to be “open-minded” and “investigative.” He was even a skeptic who mocked people who believed in Satan! That is, he says, until he learned more about Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)… which is basically when you think you hear phrases in other kinds of noise, like the infamous conspiracy theory involving Paul McCartney. It’s the equivalent of looking at clouds and seeing specific formations in them… except it’s audio and everything is demonic.

He talks about all this in his book The Devil’s Playground.

The book’s unique strength lies in its selection of 21 audio clips, with readers able to listen to genuine examples of demons threatening and cajoling, including the first-ever recording of the voice of Satan. This information is vital in an increasingly secular and materialistic world. It will allow Christians of all denominations to be better prepared to recognise and prevent demonic influence or attack.

So what does Satan sound like? You can listen for yourself here. It’s just garbled audio that Millington claims says “Come into the fire, come to me.”

Where did he get this audio from? Who knows.

How do we know that’s what it’s saying? We don’t.

How can we verify it’s Satan? We can’t.

In other words, it’s “journalism” that requires complete gullibility on the part of the readers. Millington even seems to understand this won’t convince people, which is why the book opens up with a whole bunch of excuses:

The voices have been recorded at different times, in different places, and under different circumstances, so they have a variety of characteristics. Most you [sic] will be able to hear them clearly the first time you listen. However, sometimes certain people may have difficulty with one or two, maybe through the speed of the voice or the articulation. Remember, the demonic entities who are communicating are doing so by modulating the available sound at any one time; be that off the back of the human voice or through ambient noise.

That clever Satan and his awful communication skills, making sure people can’t follow his orders…

If you believe any of this, then sure, you might believe it’s the voice of the devil that this guy — and only this guy, somehow — managed to find.

For everyone else, it’s just a waste of time and money.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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