MAGA Cultist Pastor: At My Church, We Refuse to Social Distance or Wear Masks July 5, 2020

MAGA Cultist Pastor: At My Church, We Refuse to Social Distance or Wear Masks

I know Christian Hate-Pastor Greg Locke, who runs Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is nothing more than a MAGA cultist at this point, but his rejection of science mixed with his constant desire to be persecuted is going to get people killed.

This past March, when the crisis first blew up across the nation, Locke held an outdoor church service… during which people got out of their cars and stood next to each other, defeating the very purpose of everything.

And now he’s just saying no to every sensible precaution.

No required face masks. No social distancing. The virus itself, he implies, is nothing more than a hoax. The roughly 130,000 COVID deaths so far are entirely fictional.

This is a death cult minus the Kool-Aid.

And with that attitude, buddy, your church will not continue to grow…

I used to think religion itself was the biggest problem when it came to people following irrational dogma. I was wrong. Political tribalism in the Age of Trump is significantly more harmful. And while I want the people of Locke’s church to stay healthy, even if he doesn’t, my fear is that the idiots who take him seriously aren’t just going to put their own lives in danger. They’re going to be a threat to everyone they come into contact with. Others will suffer because they’re following the advice of the dumbest man in Tennessee.

The irony of all this is that Locke’s negligence, which will increase the COVID transmission, will absolutely contribute to the “narrative of fear and control” he’s trying to resist. He’s the problem and he won’t acknowledge it. Meanwhile, the people doing everything right — self-quarantining, only making necessary grocery store visits while wearing masks, missing out on meaningful life events — have to continue altering our lives because Christians like these people keep putting everyone in danger.

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