An Outdoor Church Service Backfired When People Got Out of Their Cars to Worship March 30, 2020

An Outdoor Church Service Backfired When People Got Out of Their Cars to Worship

Christian Hate-Pastor Greg Locke, who runs Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is one of those leaders who has no understanding of the virus, but insists he’s going to keep his church open because that’s what’s best for his community. He acts like attempts to prevent gatherings amounts to anti-Christian persecution.

This past weekend, he said he would still be having a service… outdoors. Everyone would just drive up and he’d preach from a distance. See?! Problem solved! Stop worrying. He actually told a reporter that would allow the church to “be in compliance… somewhat.” He went on to say the goal was to allow everyone to stay in their cars — quarantined — while still hearing the biblical message.

Except if you look at the video from Sunday’s service, it’s clear that people weren’t just sitting in their cars. They got out and got close to each other, which is exactly what public health officials are urging people to avoid!

Locke is too dumb to realize that being close outside is no different from being close inside. He put everyone at risk of catching the virus because he’s cosplaying as a Christian martyr.

If anything, by urging everyone to join him for that outdoor service, he brought more people to that disease box.

Tennessee is one of the Republican-led states that has not mandated a shut-down during this pandemic. Locke didn’t do anything legally wrong. He just put everyone’s lives at risk because he’s too arrogant to live-stream the service.

This won’t end well. Unfortunately, the people who will suffer the most could be the people least likely to make it out okay on the other side.

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