Right-Wing Pastor: Send Me Cash So God Can Defeat Satan’s “One World System” April 20, 2020

Right-Wing Pastor: Send Me Cash So God Can Defeat Satan’s “One World System”

Pastor Robert Henderson, last seen on this site explaining why Donald Trump’s re-election is already secured in “the courts of heaven,” is apparently struggling for income right now.

During a live-stream on Friday, he explained that praying to God wasn’t enough. You had to send him some cash, too, or else God won’t listen.

Would you consider sowing a seed? Because, watch, that seed — I don’t have time to teach that — but that seed, connected to our prayers, actually begins to speak in Heaven.

That’s why it says in Isaiah 56:7: “When we come as a house of prayer, there are burnt offerings and our sacrifices will be accepted.”

Because when we mix our seed with our prayers, it creates a memorial in Heaven that speaks. That keeps speaking. That gives God the legal right He desires to be able to render a judgment against the One World System and see its power broken. So that what it intends to do through the COVID-19 virus, it will not have the power to do. That instead of there being an increasing of Satanic rulership in the Earth, that power will be broken — please hear this — and instead, the kingdom of God will come and be established. Because of the increase of His government, there will be no end.

So if I have this right, God wants to defeat the forces of Satan’s One World System on Earth and establish a Christian theocracy… but He can’t do it unless this pastor’s followers send him a few checks.

Totally makes sense. Amazing how God is completely impotent without a few bucks.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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