New Netflix Series Will Expose Secretive Christian Group Controlling Washington July 24, 2019

New Netflix Series Will Expose Secretive Christian Group Controlling Washington

More than a decade ago, investigative reporter Jeff Sharlet wrote a book called The Family all about the secretive Christian organization that had influence throughout Washington, D.C.

While many of the conservative Christians who have surrounded Donald Trump are well known at this point, members of The Family have historically shunned publicity, preferring backroom deals and secrecy. Their mansion on C Street is the residency of a number of conservative members of Congress, and the only time they really came out in the open, in the past, was the National Prayer Breakfast.

Now they’re getting the Netflix treatment.

The streaming company just announced a five-part “docuseries” taking a closer look at the organization. It also includes participation from a number of members, which is highly unusual.

The Family believes the separation of church and state is unnecessary, and political affiliation is irrelevant. The Family grooms and supports leaders, teaching them that the Bible is a story about power, not mercy — that leaders are chosen by God, not elected.

If you want a closer look at how conservative Christianity controls U.S. politics, this may be the story you’re looking for.

The series will be available on August 9.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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