The Anti-LGBTQ Church of England Accidentally Validated Certain Gay Marriages July 6, 2019

The Anti-LGBTQ Church of England Accidentally Validated Certain Gay Marriages

Here’s a question we didn’t have an answer to until now: If you were married in the Church of England, but realized you were transgender, had a sex change operation, and now technically belong in a same-sex union, does the Church still recognize your marriage as legitimate? (Or does it no longer count since the Church usually says same-sex marriages are invalid in the eyes of God?)

That question has obviously kept everyone up at night. But there’s finally an answer!

Yes, they will recognize those same-sex unions. And only those same-sex unions.

It’s arguably the smallest amount of progress they could possibly make… but at least it’s in the right direction.

The decision does have consequences:

The advice means couples will be under no pressure from the church to divorce if one of them transitions.

The change was revealed ahead of today’s General Synod of bishops — the national assembly of the Church of England.

Don’t give them too much credit, though. As some transgender activists have pointed out, the only reason the Church is recognizing those same-sex marriages is because they don’t consider gender reassignment surgeries — or transgender identities in general — as legitimate.

So if you were “man and wife” when you got married, you’re still “man and wife” to them today, even if that’s not really the case anymore.

Somehow, they’re against same-sex marriage and don’t recognize transgender people… yet when you blend those together, it becomes accidental acceptance of both.

Their bigotry stretched so far that it snapped and became progress.

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