WV Man Protests Drivers License Rules Since Christians Aren’t “Treated Equally” March 26, 2019

WV Man Protests Drivers License Rules Since Christians Aren’t “Treated Equally”

A Christian man in West Virginia is refusing to get his drivers license because he thinks the process is a form of religious persecution. (How? Who the hell knows.)

Phillip Hudock was without a license for nearly a decade while he fought with the state government from 2008-2016, but in 2017, then-Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said he needed to get one. Hudock protested that decision by wearing full-on Native American garb to the DMV. (There’s no indication he’s Native American.)

Yesterday, he did it again, out why he had such a problem with the license. See if you can make any sense of it.

“In the 19 years since this has began, I’ve just seen our country go downhill as far as Christians not being treated equally and it’s a shame that our country, which was founded by on Christian principles and has the [Ten Commandments] on three places at the supreme court in Washington, D.C., now Christians don’t even have the equal, the rights that they’re giving other persuasions, other people of religions, whatever, you know,” Hudock said.

Right, right, so hard to be a Christian these days, what with only 88% of Congress sharing your faith and damn near the entire White House functioning as an extension of the worst right-wing megachurch…

What his delusions have to do with getting a biometric license, I have no clue. A protest isn’t effective if no one knows what the hell you’re doing, and I’m not even sure Hudock knows what he’s complaining about. If that’s the case, and if he’s not being reasonable, there’s no reason for the government to issue any kind of accommodation.

(Thanks to @WPorifera and Brian for the link)

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