A New Album Offers Christians Clean Music to Play During Sex December 20, 2018

A New Album Offers Christians Clean Music to Play During Sex

Gospel artist and actress Tamela Mann and her husband David Mann have produced an album of Christian sex songs.

Which is to say it’s an album for couples who want to “enjoy intimacy without tasteless lyrics.”

Who knew Christian side hugs now came with theme music…?

“It’s making baby music,” David interjected about the album.

“Even though you knew we were talking about love, it wasn’t nasty love music,” Tamela explained.

“It’s about music to make love, not to have sex,” David told CP. “This album was one that we wanted to give to our people because when you’re having those intimate moments, you know we listening to something.”

Now if only they could produce an album for couples who don’t want babies…

Is this really necessary? Apparently so, they said, because too many people are listening to songs that talk about sex when they’re having sex. (How could you?!)

[David] joked that people are probably listening to “R-Kelly or Ron Isley” when trying to get romantic. However, their music is coming from a different place. “You know what we represent, or who we represent. You know that our love for each other is 30 years strong and growing. So we wanted to make music that people can have those intimate moments with and not listen and be like, ‘girl, let me slap you, bump you, pop you.’ All of that stuff.”

Technically, even a married Christian couple that has been together for decades could still want to “slap you, bump you, pop you” every once in a while… Yes, married sex can be deliberately romantic, but other times, even married couples get bored or horny (or both) and prefer something more risqué.

Where’s that music?

In the meantime, if anyone wants to test the album Us Against the World during their next It-Better-Be-Missionary-or-Else love-making session, let me know how it goes. I’d rather avoid sex than listen to it.

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