A Woman’s Dragon Display Angered Her Christian Neighbor (So She Added Halos) December 19, 2018

A Woman’s Dragon Display Angered Her Christian Neighbor (So She Added Halos)

A woman’s dragon-themed lawn decorations are upsetting her Christian neighbor, and her response to them is hilarious.

It all began with Diana Rowland‘s tweet featuring her display and the letter from a very upset Christian neighbor who said the dragons were “only marginally acceptable at Halloween” but “totally inappropriate at Christmas.”

That anonymous neighbor also wondered if Rowland was involved in a “demonic cult,” thereby distracting her from knowing the “true meaning of Christmas.”

Rowland doesn’t want anyone to think she doesn’t understand Christmas. Which is why the dragons now have halos, making them angels.

Rowland cited Ezekiel 1:1-28 in that message, a chapter that describes mystical creatures as seen in a vision. So she’s obviously just following the Bible. Christians should be thrilled.

And just in case anyone missed them, she added more dragons to the scene:

May all our holidays be this festive.

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