A Flat Earther Tried Convincing Her School Board to Teach the Controversy September 30, 2018

A Flat Earther Tried Convincing Her School Board to Teach the Controversy

Last week, during a board meeting of the Methacton School District in Pennsylvania, Marilyn Teed delivered a public statement about something “being taught in the schools that… could be an outright lie.”

She then delivered a four-minute statement on how the Earth is flat.

Why? Because people like her exist and have every intention of wasting everyone’s time with their bizarre conspiracy theory.

Since she held the camera, this is really a long video of the school board members’ reactions as they go from What’s this about? to Are you kidding me? to Is someone playing a joke on us? to Her time is almost up, right?

About a minute in, after exchanging a few glances with each other, two students sitting next to the board members leave their seats and walk out. (Kudos to them. They get it.)

A Flat Earth proponent tells me this is part of “Operation Flat Smack the School Board” — they’re as good at marketing as they are with science — in which Flat Earthers make a coordinated effort to make presentations like these in front of their local school boards. I can’t tell if that’s actually going to happen, but it’s not like these people are spending their free time reading books.

Will it make a difference? Jesus, I hope not.

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