Joshua Feuerstein in Pro-Gun Rant: “The Second Amendment is… in the Bible” May 19, 2018

Joshua Feuerstein in Pro-Gun Rant: “The Second Amendment is… in the Bible”

Joshua Feuerstein, the Christian evangelist who must have a secret desire to convert people into atheists, wants you to know he has the solution for school shootings.

Just carry a bigger gun than any potential shooter because God said so.

if some bad guy tries to do something, he’s gonna get filled full of a bunch of .45 caliber freedom seeds.

Now, for all of you people that are telling me, “Josh, I thought you were a Christian! Why are you condoning violence? I mean, why are you carrying a gun? How can you be pro-Second Amendment?”

Well, let me tell you, the Second Amendment’s actually in the Bible. Yeah. Think about it. Even God understood that He had to give His angels weapons because you don’t defeat evil with tolerance and understanding. So for all of you people that are saying we need peace, well peace only prevails when the good guy has the bigger weapons.

You’ve never seen a bully back down from some little scrawny kid that was defenseless, no. He pushes him around and takes his lunch money. But when you got a bigger guy, well, that bully leaves him alone. So what’s… seriously, guys. It’s time that we put veterans that are armed inside of schools to protect our children. Enough with gun control and gun free zones. We need more veterans in more schools protecting our children.

I had no idea the Second Amendment was in the Bible. It must be near the Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”…

Feuerstein can’t even handle Starbucks cups, but he expects us to believe he’s perfectly capable of handling a lethal weapon.

Santa Fe High School, by the way, had a resource officer who engaged the shooter. The officer was shot and injured but he’s still alive. Meanwhile, ten kids still died. Having an armed adult in the school doesn’t prevent gun deaths. That should be obvious after multiple mass shootings this year alone.

Feuerstein’s theology has always consisted of bullying others while whining about persecution. He thinks if he has a bigger gun or a louder voice, he’ll get more respect. Instead, his repulsive behavior has made him a parody of the worst kinds of Christians.

Oh. And Josh, if you’re that concerned you might get into a shoot-out while driving, maybe leave your kids at home.

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