Church Says Its “Scientific Research” Proves This Moth Is Actually An Angel May 16, 2018

Church Says Its “Scientific Research” Proves This Moth Is Actually An Angel

By now you’ve probably seen the security camera footage that a family in Michigan claims is actually a picture of an angel from Heaven — you may have even seen our coverage last week. But since that time, something has changed: the church that first reported this “news” has now conducted some “scientific research,” in part based on our post on the subject.

The photos come from the home of Glen Thorman, the fire chief for the city of East Jordan, who shared it with his church, Jordan Rivers. The church and its leader, Pastor Deneille Moes, posted the pictures online and they went viral — with many people (including us) suggesting it’s a quick-moving insect appearing to be translucent because of a relatively slow shutter speed.

The church apparently didn’t like the insinuation that God didn’t send a guardian angel to hang out above some guy’s truck, because they conducted special research in an attempt to disprove the conclusions from naturalists and photography experts. In a follow-up Facebook post, the church shared a screenshot of our earlier article followed by their totally scientific rebuttal.

We have studied the photo from all possibilities. This ‘Being’ is behind the truck with translucent wings. We checked the temp at 12:49 am for this location. 46* was predicted in town, 39* degrees at the Thorman’s perhaps lower, but the average for his home is a 7 degrees difference in temperature. (Their home is out in the sticks which is much colder than us near Lake Charlevoix) The photograph was taken early morning on the 9th. @ 12:49… and it’s believed the ground was still cold ~*~ We contemplated the piles of snow at the residence until May 3rd, ( left over from the 3 1/2 + ft. snowstorm April 16-20th).and accounted for the melt down factor which took quite a few days. …And although moths have been seen in temps of 35* according to research, not a mosquito or moth has been seen yet to-date in their neck of the woods or ours, not sayin’ there ain’t any; just that we haven’t seen any yet in these parts….and tonight, we have another round of frost. So… that’s the last of the scientific research. Our conclusion remains the same… Angel

There you have it, folks. They think it wasn’t cold enough for moths to appear (even though science shows it was and that moths are known to frequent the area), therefore it was definitely an angel. There’s no longer any doubt in their minds that they might be wrong about some of their assumptions.

If that’s how science worked, perhaps they’d win this one. But it’s not and they didn’t. Every photography expert who has been interviewed about this topic has confirmed what we should all know instinctively: That picture shows a moth, not a guardian angel.

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