Ray Comfort Made a Film About His Infamous Banana-is-the-Atheist’s-Nightmare Bit April 2, 2018

Ray Comfort Made a Film About His Infamous Banana-is-the-Atheist’s-Nightmare Bit

Evangelist Ray Comfort is turning his most infamous “bit” into a movie.

For as long as I’ve been blogging, people have brought to my attention a video featuring Comfort and his co-host Kirk Cameron. It was from their old Way of the Master show and the segment involved Comfort holding up a banana and declaring it “the atheist’s nightmare,” because God clearly designed it.

His evidence? It’s curved towards your mouth, it fits your hand, it’s not slippery, it’s color-coded so you know when to eat it, it has a tab so you can open it, etc.

As anyone who’s ever taken an elementary school science class could tell you, that stuff has nothing to do with God. If anything, the kind of banana Comfort uses in the video is actually a perfect example of evolution in action. The beauty of natural selection is that it makes things appear designed even though they’re not.

Comfort has said on many occasions that he was surprised by the reaction to the clip. Whenever he used the example for a Christian audience, they were receptive to it — surprise, surprise — but atheists have been whipping him with that banana ever since.

He’s gotten used to it. In fact, he’s been using his banana-based infamy as a way to evangelize even more. Last year, he wrote a book about the banana bit, hoping that would provide some much needed context to his bit — it didn’t — and now he’s made a movie called The Fool documenting the same thing. The problem with the entire routine, though, is that taking an hour or two to explain a horrible analogy doesn’t work when your starting point is a horrible analogy.

But a lack of logic has never stopped Christian apologists from trying to spread the Gospel…

Look at all the atheists he squeezes into this trailer — along with explosions and guns and a shootout with Kirk Cameron because someone obviously told him THAT’S WHAT ALL GOOD MOVIES INCLUDE.

Comfort usually uses the word “fool” to describe atheists — not his words, the Bible’s words — so I’ll give him some credit for the self-deprecation.

But this is a Ray Comfort movie. That means I can tell you exactly what you’ll see when the movie is released on his website June 15.

It’ll be about 20 minutes of him explaining the banana story, 20 minutes of highly edited conversations with unsuspecting (anonymous) atheists who are somehow receptive to his apologetics, and 20 minutes of straight-up preaching. That’s the Comfort formula.

None of it’s going to make you accept biblical nonsense; if it does, there’s something flawed in your thinking. But Comfort is trying to make sure anyone who hears about the banana video will also come across his rebuttal to the mockery.

(Thanks to @BG45_Pho for the link)

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