To Save Jesus, Audience Member Attacks Roman Soldier in Passion Play April 2, 2018

To Save Jesus, Audience Member Attacks Roman Soldier in Passion Play

Jesus saves, but who saves Jesus?

That would be an unidentified man who was among the more than a thousand onlookers at a Brazilian passion play. News reports explain that while watching a re-enactment of Christ’s crucifixion, a possibly psychotic audience member yelled, “I am not going to let Jesus die!”

With that vow, he jumped onto the stage and swung a motorcycle helmet at an actor playing a Roman soldier who was pretend-jabbing the Savior with a spear.

Actors then rushed to subdue the man who continued to lash out as fists flew.

Meanwhile the actor playing Jesus remained calm and in character amid the chaos,

… even as the cross almost pitched over in the melee.

The faux-Messiah, fixing the misguided assailant with His doe-like eyes, exclaimed “Father, forgive him, for he knows not what he’s doing.” (I’d like to think so, anyway.)

After the situation was brought under control, the actors continued the performance, cheered on by spectators who possessed a moderately better relationship with reality.

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