Canadian MP: This Pic of Justin Trudeau Proves He’s “Intolerant” of Christians December 31, 2017

Canadian MP: This Pic of Justin Trudeau Proves He’s “Intolerant” of Christians

Last year, a picture of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his brother Alexandre began circulating online. They both share birthdays on Christmas, with Justin being two years older, and the brothers supposedly took this picture while wearing Happy Birthday Jesus sweaters.


But that story really doesn’t make any sense.

Why would a sitting Prime Minister like Trudeau pose for a picture that might offend a huge group of people? (For a guy well versed in optics, that would be a dumb move even if people didn’t find the sweaters offensive.) Also, why isn’t this picture found anywhere outside of Reddit? And why does Justin Trudeau’s neck look like it gets cut off in a weird way, suggesting the entire image is Photoshopped? (Seriously, it’s weird.)

At best, it’s a real picture of two guys celebrating their birthdays with amusing sweaters. At worst, it’s a hoax that’s supposed to make Trudeau look bad in front of Christians.

Last night, Canadian politician Candice Bergen — whose title is “House Leader of the Official Opposition” — fell for the possible hoax, going on an unprompted rant against Trudeau’s choice of sweaters and how it means he’s “intolerant” of Christians.


Why does Justin Trudeau think it’s ok and cool to mock and ridicule Christianity by using cartoons as the face of Jesus and his Disciples in the Last Supper? When will liberal elite like Trudeau and his friends who defend his behaviour and laugh along with him, realize how harmful and intolerant they are being to Christians? Share if you agree that Leaders in the west like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau need to start standing up for Christians instead of mocking and ridiculing their faith.

By her logic, the man celebrating Jesus’ birthday is somehow intolerant of Jesus. ..

Her comments set off even more ignorant people on social media. They joined the pile-on, arguing that there was a double-standard at play since Trudeau would never have worn a sweater with an emoji Muhammad (which, to me, is less of a criticism of Islam than a self-inflicted wound against Christians). But again, there’s no proof Trudeau was wearing that sweater at all, much less mocking Christianity.

Incidentally, Trudeau’s official Christmas message called the holidays a “time to celebrate Jesus Christ and his message of compassion.” Which is a really weird way to show intolerance toward their faith… (In case you’re wondering, he also said “Merry Christmas.”)

So, in summary, there’s no proof this picture is real. There’s no reason to believe Prime Minister Trudeau would ever wear a sweater like this (definitely not while in office). More importantly, his actual words counter the claim that he’s intolerant of Christianity.

But none of that stopped some Christians from pretending like they were being persecuted by a man who’s openly Catholic.

I guess conservatives are ignorant on the other side of the border, too.

(Thanks to Aaron for the link)

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