Another Reason Christians Are Boycotting Beauty and the Beast: The Beast Looks Like Satan March 22, 2017

Another Reason Christians Are Boycotting Beauty and the Beast: The Beast Looks Like Satan

We already know some conservative Christians are up in arms over the new live-action Beauty and the Beast because one of the characters is openly gay, and evangelicals can’t handle the existence of gay people.

Now there’s another reason some Christians are boycotting the film: The Beast looks too much like Baphomet (a.k.a. Satan):



I was considering seeing the movie Beauty and the Beast. I was actually REALLY EXCITED and looking forward to this movie and it was coming out on my birthday so I really had to see this movie but when I went online on AMC to reserve seats at a reclining theater I came across this picture and even though I have seen the trailer before and I have also seen pictures it did not hit me until this time. The Holy Spirit showed me that the “beast” is truly the baphomet. Now I know some might shrug this off and think I’m being “over the top” but I know what was just shown to me and even though I planned on seeing it I have now changed my mind. I refuse to watch and allow my children to see whatever twisted subliminal messages Disney is trying to put in this movie. Keep in mind children are their main targets. And I knew this about Disney for a long time but I still wanted to see this movie for some reason smh But no I am not letting my kids see Belle dancing around and falling in love with the baphomet/Satan…he is NOT GOOD! You might think it’s nothing or it’s “not that serious” but I just pray you be careful cause you might not realize how subliminal messages truly effect you and just how much mind control it can have over people. Now I know a lot of people will probably not like this post but I am just saying what was put on my heart…trust me it is NOT COINCIDENCE that the beast resembles the baphomet. Please don’t think I’m knocking anybody for seeing this movie cause like I said I myself was planning on seeing it. Just saying what the Lord showed me and put on my heart to post. Pray for your own personal discernment!

There you have it. The film is part of Disney’s plan to convert children to Satanism.

The gay character must have just been a distraction this whole time!

It’s not like Disney needs to be subtle about this. They have villains in damn near every film. Disney’s version of subtlety is naming a character Cruella de Vil (get it? GET IT?)…

It’s a good thing Makeup Jesus gave the Beast those horns or else Christians would’ve seen this film and only taken away the message that we should love people for what’s on the inside! We dodged a bullet.

These formal and informal boycotts have done nothing to hurt the film, by the way. The movie had one of the biggest openings of all time last weekend, and has already made $188,282,339 in the U.S. It’s setting records left and right.

So I guess we should see a rise in Satanism very soon…

(Thanks to @emibarrelracer for the link)

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