Creationist Ken Ham: Scientists Have Changed Their Minds Before, Therefore Evolution Is False December 9, 2016

Creationist Ken Ham: Scientists Have Changed Their Minds Before, Therefore Evolution Is False

This morning, Creationist Ken Ham went on a Twitter tirade about how science (real science, not the kind he believes in) is a joke because it self-corrects over time.





Ken Ham: Spreading more bullshit before the sun comes up than most people do all day.™

It’s true that most doctors, at one time, didn’t understand germ theory or believed that the appendix had no function whatsoever, but subsequent research turned those notions on their head. Better science and more information helped us correct our understanding.

That’s a perk of science, not a fatal flaw. It’s not like scientists changed their minds because God told them to.

As for evolution, the more we’ve researched it and learned about different species, the stronger the theory has become. The details may be debated, but the broad strokes of what Charles Darwin said have been confirmed time and time again.

There’s a simple reason virtually all scientists accept evolution today: All the evidence confirms it. As soon as Creationists present credible evidence to the contrary, the scientists will reconsider their thinking. But it hasn’t happened yet.

The problem with Ham’s way of thinking is that there’s no way to correct bad information. There’s only one acceptable interpretation of the Book of Genesis, and anyone who deviates from it is turning his back on God. Even when the interpretation is so easily shown to be a joke.

Science, like our elections, has little to do with that a majority of people think. It’s about what the evidence shows. And if new evidence comes to light, we have to take it into account.

But if we’re playing Ham’s game, the majority of Americans believe in God… so I guess that means they’ll all be atheists soon! Thanks, #CreationistLogic!

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