Christian Preacher Elaborates on Why Women Shouldn’t Wear Pants March 14, 2016

Christian Preacher Elaborates on Why Women Shouldn’t Wear Pants

Christian Pastor Steven Anderson spent part of a recent sermon up at a whiteboard detailing to his congregation what clothes men and women should wear.

Pants? Don’t you dare think about being a woman who wears pants. Skirts? A dress? Fine. But no pants. Because Jesus.


There’s a biblical reason for it — it comes right after a passage about how you should help a donkey up if it’s lying on the ground — but the point is that he’s making a huge deal out of something utterly meaningless. And he’s treating his adult congregation like a bunch of kindergartners.

Obviously, Anderson is implementing a sort-of Christian purity test. If you break these rules, you’re not really a True Believer®.

It’s not the first time he’s told women what they can’t wear.

A couple of years ago, he elaborated on the lengths of skirts:

What you oughta be embarrassed about is dressin’ like a floozy. That’s what you oughta be embarrassed about. You oughta be embarrassed about dressin’ like a hoochie mama. And a hooker… And going around in clothing that literally was only worn by prostitutes in times past. I mean, look, a prostitute wears a miniskirt. A prostitute dresses up and puts on the “For Sale” sign! ‘Cause she’s for sale. And you ought not be ashamed to dress like a godly Christian lady and to wear modest apparel, to wear a skirt that covers your nakedness, that’s the knee or below, and covers up your thighs, and covers up your shame, and that you’re not one that is promiscuous!

This is an ongoing habit of his. He’s out to be a fundamentalist’s fundamentalist. Only his literal interpretation of the Bible is acceptable and everyone else is a hell-bound sinner.

Somehow, people still come to his church.

It’s gotta be the Donald Trump phenomenon — they’re drawn to confidence, bombast, and the idea that they’re better than everyone else. After all, why bother being politically correct when you can be an arrogant asshole?

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