There Are No Errors in the Bible, Says Christian Pastor Who Clearly Hasn’t Read the Bible April 14, 2014

There Are No Errors in the Bible, Says Christian Pastor Who Clearly Hasn’t Read the Bible

We know there are contradictions in the Bible.

Lots of them.

Normally, Christian apologists attempt to explain them all away. The Bible is perfect, they say; it’s just a matter of interpretation and skeptics are taking the wrong approach.

Which is why Pastor Michael Lawrence‘s approach to contradictions is a unique one. The leader of Hinson Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon says in the video below that the contradictions we think are in the Bible are just the result of faulty translations. The original manuscripts were errorless, you see, and if we just paid more attention to Jesus, we wouldn’t be so damn caught up in playing Spot the Contradiction.

We also need to understand that what we claim as Christians is that the scriptures, as they were originally given, are without error. What we have are a copy. We don’t have the original documents. We have thousands and thousands and thousands of copies. And so we’ve been able to compare those copies to each other and essentially recreate the original document. But we don’t, in fact, have the original documents. We want to be honest about that. We want to be charitable about that.

I don’t think we need to spend a lot of time trying to prove inductively that there is no error in scripture.

Which is exactly what you would say if you were trying to deflect attention from the hundreds of blatant contradictions in the Bible. Mistranslations don’t account for all of them, I assure you.

(via Christian Post — Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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