Updated: Who’s Coming to Rick Perry’s Pray-a-Thon? June 14, 2011

Updated: Who’s Coming to Rick Perry’s Pray-a-Thon?

Texas Governor Rick Perry has invited all 49 other governors to join him for a massive, worthless pray-in.

Who’s in and who’s out?


California’s Governor Jerry Brown.

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott. (Though he “will declare Aug. 6 a day of prayer” in his state.)

Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal.

Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels (due to the Indiana State Fair).

Iowa’s Governor Terry Branstad.

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder.

North Dakota’s Governor Jack Dalrymple. (Thanks, Kevin!)

Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin.

South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley. (Though she “will declare Aug. 6 a day of prayer” in her state.)

Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin.

Washington’s Governor Christine Gregoire. (Though she “will declare Aug. 6 a day of prayer” in her state.)


Kansas’ Governor Sam Brownback.

Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal (pending scheduling conflicts).


Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell. (It depends on his schedule. If he attends, he will use private funds.)

Got links for other governors? Let’s fill this list out…

***Update***: Members of the interfaith Houston Clergy Council have issued an open letter to Gov. Perry telling him they disapprove of his Pray-a-thon. Lot of Unitarian Universalists on that list, so Perry will probably ignore them. They’re not the type of Christians that he’s trying to pander to.

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  • All these idiots declaring Aug 6th a day of prayer in their states. None of them realizing it’s unconstitutional to do so. Man I hate this country sometimes. :-/

  • Chris

    I’m disappointed that Gov Gregoire is declaring a day of prayer in Washington state. Why the hell can’t we keep religion out of our government!

  • CR

    I wonder how my favorite opera diva, Joyce DiDonato feels about this divisive move by Brownback. She’s a Kansas native with an incredible voice that is acclaimed in the opera world. (Please check her out on the Tubes of You.) She is sweet, personable and avoids controversy, but right now Joyce is not a happy mezzo. When Gov. Brownback recently stopped all state funding of the arts, Joyce blogged:

    I’m not a politician, nor historian, nor intellectually equipped to go head-to-head with the fearful naysayers. I’m just a humble singer who prefers to spend energy on music. I’m just a home-grown product of an agricultural state which used to value the arts, like all great societies and cultures of the past. (emphasis hers)


    Apparently asshat Brownback is making an impression all around. At least he’s taking time out from dismantling his state’s culture to spend quality time talking to the air with a would-be theocrat.

  • Marguerite

    Glad to see so many “out,” and hope the trend continues. But I agree it’s discouraging to see so many declaring days of prayer. Ugh.

  • Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell – Undecided

    It blows my mind that these morons are participating in something so clearly unconstitutional. I wrote McDonnell an email to let him know in no uncertain terms how this voting constituent feels about the attendant misappropriation of government time & funds.

    “Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, another Republican who is outspoken about his faith, got the invitation from Perry but is undecided. His spokesman Jeff Caldwell told CNN it will depend on his schedule if he can attend if he does go, he will likely use private funds to attend.”


  • Jesus

    I emailed Andy Cuomo to make sure he’s not going. I made sure that he knows that he might just lose my vote next time around if he goes to a garbage event like this.

  • Michelle

    It does not appear IL was invited. Hmm.

  • Austin

    Shit, I always thought Gregoire was always pretty non-religious. Why does she need to do this, she doesn’t need votes, she not running for re-election…

  • MV

    Does anyone have a link to an actual statement from Governor Gregoire? I cannot seem to find any such thing. I would love to send her a letter reminding her of the provisions of the Washington State Constitution.

  • Someone You Know

    Deval Patrick of Massachusetts seems to have ignored it thus far. I’d say that’s a tentative no.

  • I’m surprised how okay I am with my state’s position on this list.

    Bob McDonnell (R-VA) is, as far as Republicans go, not that bad of a Governor. He’s actually (gulp) pretty… decent. He’s privatizing liquor stores, he’s open to the idea of civil unions (although not currently an active supporter), he reads the op-eds and listens to the polls. He’s… not horrible.

    The fact that if he goes, he’ll use his own funds for the trip shows one of the principles he’s (somewhat loosely) stuck to during is term: His religion is very important to him personally, and he makes no question of his strong personal faith, but he doesn’t try to legislate or grandstand his faith into the government.

    I disagree with 70% of what the man does–and I’m pleasantly surprised with half of the remaining 30%–but he isn’t Rick Perry. And that makes me happy.

  • I’m guessing our Democratic, liberal governor here in Hawaii wouldn’t touch this event with a bargepole. Besides, Governor Abercrombie is busy, you know, being governor.

  • bullet

    Fuck you, Bobby Jindal. Fuck the hell out of you. And get a name that doesn’t sound like we have a thirteen year old governor. Even though we do. Ass.

  • Scarlet

    I love that a Rick Perry for president ad appears on the page with this story. . . .

  • Raymap

    You guys just keep mocking God. Our news media is completely disgusting to allow these aweful post…..For the ears that will hear…If my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land

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