“Prophet” Donna Rigney: A Future President “Will Be Even Greater Than Trump Was” November 9, 2021

“Prophet” Donna Rigney: A Future President “Will Be Even Greater Than Trump Was”

Another modern-day, self-described “prophet” is unnecessarily sanctifying Donald Trump because there’s apparently nothing else worth prophesying about these days.

This time, the so-called “prophet” is Donna Rigney, who predicts that a future president will be “even greater” than Donald himself.

Which is… a pretty low bar.

“Now, in this hour, I have hand-selected another Moses, to rise up and let Me use him to set my people free.”

Moses wasn’t perfect. Neither is Donald Trump. Neither is any of us. But God still uses us.

He said, “On the backside of the desert, I have trained him in my ways.” So I knew [God] was talking about, during this time when he’s been out of office, God has been dealing with Donald Trump in his heart, teaching him God’s ways of handling things, okay?… And then He said, “As Moses did pass the baton onto Joshua, I, too, will give him a Joshua to complete the assignment I have given him to do.”

A couple months ago, out of the blue, I heard the Lord say to me, He said, “After Trump, there’s gonna be another president, and he will be even greater than Trump was.”

So I feel hopeful that God has a wonderful plan in place…

It’s true that nobody’s perfect. It’s also true that Christianity teaches the idea that men and women may be “used” by God to achieve great things.

The difference between those people and Trump, however, is that somewhere along the journey they’re supposed to repent and change their behavior. Trump has never done that and there’s no sign he ever will. If anything, he’s only ever doubled down on everything that makes him despicable. So even by a more forgiving Christian standard, Trump hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Continuing to place Trump on this ridiculous pedestal is only hurting the cause of these Christians. The inability to really grapple with the ways that Trump has damaged democracy and made American lives worse by dragging an entire political party even further down to his level has only led to a shift away from organized religion.

If part of being a good Christian disciple involves regular repentance and humility, it’s clear much of Trump’s base has never looked at, much less studied, the Bible.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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