Conservatives Are Furious Over a “Twix Ad” That Twix Didn’t Make and Isn’t an Ad November 5, 2021

Conservatives Are Furious Over a “Twix Ad” That Twix Didn’t Make and Isn’t an Ad

This story takes a lot of twists and turns, so here are the facts that you won’t find on right-wing propaganda websites.

1) Hulu recently aired Season 2 of a series called “Bite Size Halloween” in which 18 up-and-coming filmmakers create short movies tackling a variety of subjects like race, beauty, sexuality, etc. The stories all have some connection to Halloween, but it isn’t necessarily overt. Halloween isn’t really the point of these films.

2) The goal of the series, according to 20th Digital Studio, is to “guide and finance the growth of these artists’ careers.”

3) The short films created for this series were also shown on channels like Freeform, FX, and YouTube. Again, one of the goals is to expose the work of these filmmakers to larger audiences.

4) The series itself it sponsored by Mars, the candy company, which makes Twix, Snickers, Skittles, and a bunch of other Halloween favorites. (Makes sense.)

5) One of the short films, written and directed by Bridget Moloney, is called “The New Nanny.” It’s a story about a “goth” nanny babysitting a boy who enjoys wearing a princess dress. When kids make fun of the boy, the nanny gets some (G-rated) revenge by blowing away the bully.

6) The boy isn’t described as transgender; he could just be a boy who likes wearing dresses. But the moral of the story is actually quite beautiful. Moloney says her kids love to “express themselves more fully through their clothes” and this film takes that to another level: “What kind of power do you have when you own your identity? And how can you extend that power to those who need help?”

7) That short film is now being spread throughout right-wing media as if Twix is promoting some sort of trans agenda… which wildly distorts everything I’ve already mentioned to the point where none of it is accurate.

Just very ignorant conservatives who can’t escape a potential culture war battle because they know their base — mostly white evangelicals and all the other people who hate critical thinking — won’t do any research into the matter.

8) Enter Monica Cole, the one mom at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,135), who now says Twix is promoting “gender confusion” and wants Christians to boycott the company. Her petition, directed at Twix for some reason, says “I’m not buying into your social agenda pushing the transgender lifestyle.”

This commercial has nothing to do with candy at all. Twix really outdid themselves with this advertisement that teaches children to kill anyone who calls you weird or has a different opinion than your own. It also intimates that is ok for adults to physically harm children and to emasculate young boys.

Of course, Twix had a primary goal of promoting gender dysphoria through the ad, an agenda which has nothing to do with marketing candy. Evidently, Twix wanted to make it clear where they stand on this controversial topic, instead of remaining neutral in the culture war.

Twix crossed a line that they should have never crossed. And in their attempts to please a small percentage of consumers, Twix has committed marketing suicide in the process. There are so many candy products to choose from, so it will be simple for consumers to find other chocolates this Christmas for stocking stuffers — and all throughout the year for that matter.

There is no “social agenda” here.

There’s no “transgender lifestyle” being promoted.

Twix didn’t create this film.

Monica Cole is a professional Christian liar.

It’s just lie after lie after lie. What else can you expect from conservative Christians? They traffic in fictional grievance and never do any research into the bullshit they spread.

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