Conservative Pastor: Homosexuality is a “Demonic Spirit” Coming After Our Kids September 22, 2021

Conservative Pastor: Homosexuality is a “Demonic Spirit” Coming After Our Kids

Pastor Kent Christmas (his actual name) of Regeneration Nashville has spent the past few months urging Christians to reject vaccines since God’s Law always overrides the law of man.

But in a more recent sermon, he went back to the evangelical greatest hits album and started trashing gay people.

… We have all of this going off in the last couple of… 20, 30 years. And while we’re building the biggest churches, never have Christians’ children been more taken over by homosexuality than they are right now.

If I asked each and every one of you to stand that has a son, daughter, or a niece, or a nephew, or a brother or sister that is gay, half of you would stand up in this building because it is a demonic spirit that’s come after our seed.

And the church that God is raising up in this hour is going to have authority over that!

Listen, we are not gonna tell them they’re going to Hell. We’re not gonna tell ’em they’re scum. We’re gonna tell ’em they’re born of God. That God will set them free, change them by the power of the Holy Ghost…

At least he’s honest about using coded Christian language to tell gay people God hates them. Telling people they’re “born of God” instead of calling them “scum” is the equivalent of saying “Bless your heart” in the South when you really mean “Fuck you.” The meaning comes across loud and clear regardless of your word choice.

It’s telling, though, that this is the “demonic spirit” Christmas is so worried about. There are serious problems in the country, many of them caused by the sort of right-wing Christians in his church, yet his priority is condemning homosexuality. The cruel and thoughtless congregation is right there with him.

You didn’t need another reason to leave your evangelical church, but here’s one on a silver platter.

Remember: Lots of churches that claim to welcome LGBTQ people feel the exact same way Christmas does. They just prefer hiding their beliefs rather than shouting them out to the world because even they know how awful it sounds.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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