Pastafarians Can Now Get a Religious Exemption Form to Avoid Unvaxxed Co-Workers September 14, 2021

Pastafarians Can Now Get a Religious Exemption Form to Avoid Unvaxxed Co-Workers

With so many insane right-wing pastors offering to sign off on religious exemptions to COVID vaccines, people have reached out to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to see if they could also get a free pass.

And now, after much thought and deliberation, prophet Bobby Henderson has released a copy of the exemption.

Any Pastafarian now has access to an official letter saying they must be exempt from working near an unvaccinated person.

… Please be advised that we have strict guidelines concerning what can enter our bodies. It is a deeply held belief and core tenet of our religion to avoid harmful substances.


While some may choose not to be vaccinated, by going out in public, these people are knowingly taking the risk of infecting others with harmful virus particles.

Please take all reasonable measures to help our members avoid contact with these unvaccinated individuals. Perhaps the unvaxxed could be placed in a special area to contain their emissions.

Thank you in advance for respecting religious liberty.

Beautiful. You can make a personalized version here.

Is it legally binding? Well, there’s as much legitimacy to the claim that Pastafarians have religious reasons to avoid the unvaccinated as conservative Christians do to avoid the vaccines. If the latter group is allowed to use faith to hurt others, then Pastafarians have every right to cite their faith when trying to protect themselves and others.

That’s what decent religions do.

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