Anti-Vaccine Pastor Says He’s “Tired of Seeing Good People Die” from COVID August 29, 2021

Anti-Vaccine Pastor Says He’s “Tired of Seeing Good People Die” from COVID

Pastor Kent Christmas (his actual name) of Regeneration Nashville, who said earlier this month that Christians should reject vaccines since God’s Law always overrides the law of man, performed a ritualistic COVID healing during a sermon last Sunday.

He asked everyone in his congregation to stand up if they previously had COVID and still suffered residual effects from it — not being able to smell everything, for example — and then he asked God to heal them all.

And then, a minute later, he condemned mask mandates. The irony was lost on him.

… I am sick of the coronavirus. Now, because I’m going somewhere with this. The coronavirus was created in a laboratory by evil men to destroy humanity. So it is a weapon of Hell. And I’m tired of seeing good people die from it. I’m tired of God’s people being afflicted with it.

But if anybody has had the coronavirus and you still are having some kind of residual effect — it could be smelling, it could be different things, you don’t have it anymore, but there is a residual effect — If you’re watching me from home or if you’re in this audience today, I want you to stand.

That thing can’t stay today. Hallelujah! And in the name of Jesus, you foul, religious, demonic spirit that has infiltrated the temple of the Holy Ghost, I command you, you demon of coronavirus, every residual effect that’s in this building, that’s in the body of Christ, in other nations that’s watching me right now, by the anointing of the Lord, I command you to come out of these bodies, and I loose divine healing in the name of the Lord over you! I release it over your smelling, over your taste, over your strength, over your energy, in the name of Jesus.

And now we declare in the name of the Lord, that this attempt that’s being resurrected in our nation, to remask us, to segregate us in our churches, to set churches down, I bind this saying “In the name of the Lord, hallelujah.”

It’s lost on Christmas that if he’s sick of the virus and sick of seeing “good people die from it,” then fighting mask mandates or lockdown orders is the worst possible thing he could do. We already know he opposes vaccines. He even lied about the origin of the virus, saying definitively that it was man-made when that’s just not backed up by the evidence.

And if he has this magical God-given gift to cure people suffering from the virus, then WHY THE HELL DID HE NOT USE HIS POWERS 18 MONTHS AGO?!

He’s making up a cure while actively putting more Christians in harm’s way. More people will be hurt because they accept Jesus and trust guys like this to guide their faith.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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