Pastor Jack Hibbs: The Biden Administration is “Christless, Godless Evil” August 21, 2021

Pastor Jack Hibbs: The Biden Administration is “Christless, Godless Evil”

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills is quickly becoming one of the more high-profile pastors who thinks his church is nothing more than an arm of the Republican Party. He violated the Johnson Amendment last week when he held a campaign event for Larry Elder, the conservative talk show host who’s trying to become governor of California. His church — not Hibbs himself, but the church! — later made a $10,000+ donation to Elder’s campaign.

And on Wednesday, during a sermon about the evacuation from Afghanistan,

… And Father, we pray for whoever it is behind this presidency — whoever it is behind this State Department — whoever it is, whatever it is behind this Department of Defense, that You would pull it, Father God Almighty, that You would pull it, because it is evil. It is pure, pure, Christless, godless evil

He says “Christless” and “godless” as if those are bad things…

The problem with the pullout isn’t a lack of religion. It’s a lack of foresight. It’s not doing enough preparation to get our allies out of the country safely and quickly, leading to a haphazard clusterfuck in Kabul. Blame that on leadership, incompetence, or a lack of imagination. But a lack of Jesus isn’t the issue.

This is Hibbs, though. There’s no problem he won’t blame on non-Christians. And there’s certainly no acknowledgment that the people who began this pointless war 20 years ago — mostly Republicans — were politicians who routinely cited the Christian God in speeches.

Right now, we need less religion and more critical thinking.

(via @ChristnNitemare)

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