Christians Erect Giant Cross Near Mississippi Highway After Raising $240,000 August 7, 2021

Christians Erect Giant Cross Near Mississippi Highway After Raising $240,000

You’ll be happy to know that people in Prentiss County, Mississippi are using $240,000 in donations to help the citizens struggling most during the pandemic.

I’m just kidding. They blew the cash on a Giant Christian Cross.

That cross is 120 feet tall, 64 feet wide, and 0% useful. But it also appears to be legal, with the money raised by a non-profit group specifically for this purpose. Doesn’t mean anyone has to take it seriously.

So what’s the point?

Even if someone passing through doesn’t know the gospel — the cross being there, being such an impressive size, has got to raise some questions and hopefully inspire people,” Allison Worley said.

She’s is on the Building the Cross board.

No doubt it raises questions.

Like why these people are deluded enough to think the one thing lacking in Mississippi is a symbol of Christianity.

Or how seriously we should take the faith of anyone who converts because they passed a giant cross on the side of a highway.

Or whether anyone will even be around to see this thing given the rising COVID rates in the heavily unvaccinated state.

Or why the Prentiss County Sheriff’s Department posted a video of the cross going up. (Answer: Sheriff Randy Tolar was on the Cross Project Committee.)

This is actually the seventh Giant Christian Cross in the state put up by businessman Mike Rozier, who says a few more are in the works. Somehow, he thinks these things are worth the cost:

“I’ve had people ask me almost on every cross, ‘That’s a lot of money to spend on a cross just for people to drive by and look at, I tell them, yes it is, we need to spend that money on other things to further the Kingdom of God also, but if one person drives down Highway 45 and looks at this cross and thinks about what Jesus did for him, and he has a conversion moment, it’s worth every penny,” Rozier said.

Here’s a thought: More people would be drawn to Christianity if the money that was raised went to, say, a children’s hospital instead of roadside monstrosity. But who knows. I’m no businessman.

(Thanks to Alan for the link)

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