This Pastor Stuck His Hands in Dog Poop to Make Some Weird Point About Sin July 22, 2021

This Pastor Stuck His Hands in Dog Poop to Make Some Weird Point About Sin

If I ever wanted to convince people why they shouldn’t go to church, sure, I could point them to a book written by an atheist or a debate on God’s existence… but maybe I should just point them to this video from Pastor Dan Burgoyne of Rolling Hills Covenant Church in California.

During a sermon earlier this month, he literally covered his hands in dog shit to make a point about sin.

So, do you know what God equates as sin in the Bible? He equates poop, filth in the Bible.

No, this is not a brownie. No, this is not [a] Snickers bar. I own two Bullmastiffs in my life. This is Great Dane. Do you know how God sees — now this is important — Psalm 141:2: “May my prayer be set before you” — like what? — “like incense.” May the lifting of my hands be like the evening sacrifices.”

Your sin, God says, has hidden My face from you so that I will not hear.

So when you come in, and you’re saying “God, the gods of my life compete with who You are, but I’m declaring that I belong to you,” God says “This is what I see!…”

[Sticks hands in poop]

“… And what I see comes up like incense before Me. And what’s going on in your soul, I can see in ways nobody else can see.”

And so you know what you say? “Oh, God creating me a clean heart and renewing me a right spirit and cast me not from Thy presence, and take not Thy holy spirit from me.”

And you got chunks coming off of your thumb and God is saying, “What do you want? Do you want Me or do you want you? Do you want your ways or do you want My ways? Because you can’t have what you’re getting the way you think you want it unless you’re gonna make Me the absolute priority of your life.”

And so God comes in, and He says, “I see these in your pores. I see the way you’re talking. I see the way you’re living. I see what it is that you’re doing. And I just want to tell you, child, I’m not the God who made the ear, the eye, and the mouth — and cannot hear and cannot see and cannot speak.”

It’s like I keep telling people, God thinks you’re a piece of shit. (Christianity: Fighting self-esteem for thousands of years!)

I’ll be honest, if this is what it takes to convince people not to be gay, or masturbate, or vote for a Democrat, or whatever ridiculous arbitrary things these Christians consider sinful, they’re better off just sinning. It’s not worth whatever that sermon illustration was.

Also, there are better ways to make the same point. Or, you know, just use melted chocolate. But what do I know, I’m not a member of that church.

But apparently everyone in that church thinks this is normal behavior for their leader.

(via @ChristnNitemare)

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