Christian “Prophet” Insists He’s Right About Trump Returning to Power in April May 6, 2021

Christian “Prophet” Insists He’s Right About Trump Returning to Power in April

Gotta hand it to these Trump prophets: They never give up. That trait would be admirable if their goals weren’t so absurd.

As we pointed out earlier, in February, Jeff Jansen of Global Fire Ministries International said that Donald Trump was still president and would return to the White House by this summer. In March, he moved up the date to April, saying the military would help restore Trump to power.

It’s May. That never happened.

And yet Jansen is still pushing the Big Lie — and his insistence that his prophecy wasn’t wrong. On Tuesday, he posted a video insisting Joe Biden would be removed removed from office very soon:

“Today is the May the fourth,” Jansen said. “I just want to be able to come on and say, ‘Look, it’s May and what’s coming can’t be stopped.’ There’s all kinds of amazing things that are happening, and I’m talking about President Trump, I’m talking about him coming back into power, and I’m talking about the church, I’m talking about everything that God promised — back-to-back terms — everything that God has promised with this election and overturning corruption.”

“This is an amazing time,” he added. “Watch what happens. We’re at the door. Things are happening, and we’re gonna see a massive, massive turn in this great nation and the world.”

Weird way to offer an apology.

Maybe Trump’s presidency is only recognized in Heaven, because it sure isn’t recognized on Planet 1 over here. Or maybe, just maybe, God is sending Jansen a different sort of message… like that the election wasn’t fraudulent after all. (Read the room, man.) At this rate, Biden will get through his entire first term with MAGA cultists continuing to insist he’s not the legitimate president. Multiple future presidents will come and go and the Trumpists will still insist he’s been king this whole time.

And when that time comes, Jansen will still be insisting his prophecy was right all along.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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