Angry Christian Mom: Netflix Must Be Canceled Over Cartoon Mocking Jesus April 29, 2021

Angry Christian Mom: Netflix Must Be Canceled Over Cartoon Mocking Jesus

The adult-oriented animated series Paradise PD is currently in its third season on Netflix and one of the newer episodes released last month concerns gun safety. At one point, the main characters visit NRA headquarters where the head of the organization (“Chip Fuckyeah”) tries to convince them guns are great. Chip even shows them a short propaganda film all about what would have happened if Jesus Christ had access to guns.

In the clip, which you can see below, Jesus shoots his way off the cross, kills everyone who crucified him, then celebrates by having sex with two random women while screaming “Oh my dad! Oh my dad!”

Enter Monica Cole, the one mom at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,189), who is now calling on viewers to cancel Netflix for airing that 15-second clip:

Portraying Jesus on a killing spree and then partaking in a threesome is horrific and offends 2 billion Christians worldwide.

Jesus will not be mocked. One Million Moms will not stand for it.

The series also drops the f-bomb a couple times during this episode.

It was a joke, Monica. On a show you have to pay Netflix to access. With a rating that says it’s meant for mature audiences only. (Also, if her concern is dropping an F-bomb, wait till she watches just about anything else on Netflix…)

It’s telling, by the way, that Cole only brings up the short clip with Jesus while ignoring why that clip is in the show: because it’s meant to mock the NRA.

Anyway, if you’re the sort of person who’s offended by the sight of “a homicidal Jesus portrayed as a maniac on a killing spree who is sexually promiscuous and partakes in a threesome,” then there’s a petition you can sign. But everyone signing it needs to admit they hadn’t even heard of this show until Cole brought it up.

Here’s another question worth asking: Why does Cole even care about this?! The show isn’t meant for kids. It’s not airing on primetime network TV. It’s something you can’t see unless you opt in. Which means she literally had to go searching for this clip because it couldn’t possibly have just fallen into her lap one night while watching a show with her children. In other words, this isn’t a “mom” thing at all.

This is just the American Family Association using one of their affiliates to go after any depiction of Christianity that offends them like Bill Donohue trying to raise cash while their staffers continue complaining about “cancel culture.”

They’re complete hypocrites who are incapable of taking a joke at their own expense.

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